What We Do

To help your organization reach its full potential, we help you find the right solutions that fit where your company is and where it needs to go.  It all starts with an important question:  what are you trying to solve and why?

Tree hand image 1The answers could be anything from “great idea, here’s how to move ahead” to the very candid “not a good move for your company.”  We back up that answer with crisp and clear data points and recommendations, no strategy babble.

Our services include:

  • Strategy identification or redirection
  • Pursuit of new markets—chaperone and sherpa
  • Introductions to important business connections
  • Start-up guidance
  • How to use technology as a business driver
  • Team coaching: developing a strategy mindset, leading vs. managing and more

Michael Johnson’s services as a high energy, dynamic speaker are available to help you inform and inspire clients, employees or association members.  Michael can speak on a variety of business or personal growth topics.  See Michael in action.

Common Sense Business Principles
Founder Michael Johnson, Professional Speaker