Unique Philosophy/Speaker

Through common sense principles, Michael Johnson, founder and Chief Potential Officer of Full Potential Associates, shows businesses how to cut through strategic clutter and find the most effective, direct growth path.

Michael shares these principles by using rich analogies and delivering them in a high energy and entertaining style.  See Michael in action in these brief samples and view a list of speaking topics below.

Business Prioritization:  Kill the First Tiger

To fight a competitor, businesses often create a long list of recommendations.  In Kill the First Tiger, Michael argues for a different approach using a hunting analogy.  If multiple tigers are coming at you, nothing matters unless you kill the first tiger.

Meeting Customer Needs:  Profit is Not the Point

Sure, businesses need to make a profit.  However, by starting there, businesses can lose sight of what drives profit:  meeting a need.  In Profit is not the Point, Michael discusses how staying focused on the customer creates profit.

Using these unique analogies, Michael can offer your strategic team a fresh perspective or speak on these topics and more at your user conference or sales meeting.


Michael’s Speaking Topics

  • Business Strategy:  Bringing Common Sense Business Back to Business
  • Business Prioritization:  Kill the First Tiger
  • Business Technology:  There is No Future without “E”
  •  Business Technology:  Your Favorite Technology Word Should be No
  • Effective Communication:  Meetings, Meetings Everywhere and Not a Thought to Think
  • Product Strategy:  That Dog Won’t Hunt
  • Meeting Customer Needs:  I Don’t Care What You Want and Other Ways that I can Help You
  • Meeting Customer Needs:  Profit is Not the Point
  • Successful Business Relationships:  That Money Isn’t Green Enough
  • Business Capacity:  Muchless
  • Business Innovation:  Don’t Think Outside the Box
Common Sense Business Principles
Founder Michael Johnson, Professional Speaker