Technology—More Than Something We Use, A Strategic Advantage

I submit that technology is not THE answer to any business problem. Can technology make a difference, in some cases a huge difference, in the way your business operates? Absolutely! The trick is blending your business strategy and good technology components to build a solid solution for you and your customer.

Technology on its own can’t address any issue. However, a business in today’s climate will not succeed at any scale without incorporating technology into the planning and execution of plans to move forward.

The majority of the world’s population is younger than Microsoft (founded 1975) and Apple (founded 1976). Think about that for a second. Hundreds of millions of people have spent their entire lives in a world that already had products from Microsoft and Apple. Now think about this. There are more children under the age of 14 in India than there are PEOPLE in the United States.

Keep in mind that today’s young are digital natives expect everything to be available with the swipe of screen. You need to figure out how this impacts your business because, believe me, it does.

The wide world is growing younger, more digital, and more mobile. This is the greatest business opportunity since the industrial revolution.

The companies who wisely integrate technology and technologists into the highest levels of strategy and leadership will be the winners in the years to come. Just turning to technology without balancing it with what your business knows how to do and what your customers expect is almost as dangerous as not doing anything.

Humans and thinking will always be important. No tech only solution can replace a handshake, hug, or a smile at just the right time.

The common sense solution here is to blend the expertise of your existing business with the technology solutions to enable you to continue your success into the future.

Common Sense Business Principles
Founder Michael Johnson, Professional Speaker