Practical strategist.  Thought leader.  Technology innovator.

Michael Johnson is that rare combination of strategist, technologist and communicator.  MFJ updated photoHe delivers answers that move you forward, in real English.  The Michael difference:

  • Uncanny ability to cut through strategic clutter
  • Crisp, clear communicator
  • Highly entertaining style in a primarily PowerPoint-free zone

How did it start?  At Michael’s first job in 1985, he discovered how technology impacts an organization and the distribution of knowledge.  He was hooked for life, which led to a fantastic 30-year journey blending strategy and the use of technology.  In 2008, Full Potential Associates became the next logical step to use years of experiences and contacts to help other businesses.

Michael’s experience includes working with businesses of all sizes and markets to quickly build and execute focused strategies.  Highlights include:

  • Setting digital strategy for Follett Corporation
  • Leading the team that created Follett’s e-book lending platform, which is still in use at almost 30,000 libraries around the world.  It required the re-imagination of a 130-year old manual process, creation of a new strategy and teaching a business and people to apply technology.
  • Design, development and deployment of technology systems on every platform from mainframes to the cloud
  • Member of the Learning Resources Metadata Initiative (funded by the Gates Foundation, involved Google, Bing and Yahoo) and the Z39.50 Committee (ISO standards)

He is a frequent speaker at industry events, receiving high marks for his fresh perspective and energetic style.

There’s more.  Michael fulfills his passion for oddly interesting stories as president and publisher of OddInt Media.  He also successfully created the publishing house, Takoma Ridge Media.  Michael is the author of The 5 Reasons Why Cricket is More American than Baseball, which held the #1 position in its Kindle category on Amazon in 2011 and still ranks in the top ten after almost two years.



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